IAHAIO member Pet Partners is exploring the possibility of expanding their Therapy Animal Program internationally.  They are in a testing phase and looking for a handful of international cities and/or countries in which to register animal/handler teams.

Pet Partners needs Team Evaluators based in non-US locations in order to register these initial teams and would like to invite IAHAIO members to consider filling that evaluator role.  Team Evaluators are responsible for assessing the skills and aptitudes of each animal/handler team through a series of exercises established by Pet Partners.

To this end, adjacent to the ISAZ conference and IAHAIO general meeting, Pet Partners will be offering a Team Evaluator training and practicum, through which you can become a registered Pet Partners Team Evaluator.  Prior to the in-person practicum in California, candidates must complete a mostly self-paced online course of study, which will take about 20-25 hours to complete.

Pet Partners is still determining the exact timing and location, but are tentatively planning on two 4-hour sessions during the mornings of 23 and 24 June.  They are making every effort to ensure it does not conflict with key IAHAIO events and specific details will be available by early April.

Application is a simple google form – https://goo.gl/forms/mORJ54pxsSlOR9MJ2 – complete by April 21 for priority consideration; 6 spots are available. Selection will be based on a number of factors, including professional experience and geographic location.  Application does not require you to participate, so there is no risk in applying now and then making a participation decision once more information is available.

For the sake of brevity, further details will be provided by contacting Jesse Haas, program manager at Pet Partners at jesseh@petpartners.org.  Submission of application will also trigger the distribution of further information directly to you, so apply soon!